Turn Around Time and other important info

Unless otherwise noted, turn around time for all orders is 7-10 days. This is the time needed to prepare your items and does not include shipping time. This means your order will ship within 7-10 days after your order is placed  Most orders are sent via USPS First Class mail or, Priority, when necessary for weight  If you need expedited shipping, please contact us, prior to placing your order. We strive to get your orders out much more quickly than this, but sometimes the extra time is needed to prepare your special items. 

Please note that due to colors and patterns of materials, as well as the handmade nature of bows, earrings, keychains, etc., each item will be unique just for you, and no two will be exactly alike. Love and attention to detail go into each and every item and we hope you will be able to enjoy them for years to come. 


Bow care: Bows edges are treated, as needed, to prevent fraying but some glitter materials are more prone to this. If you notice fraying after time, you can use a small pair of sharp scissors to very carefully trim the material backing. Ribbon bows are typically stiffened for extra perkiness. If your loops lose some perkiness or happen to take a trip through the washer, you can reshape the loops and spray with hair spray or stiffening spray, found in craft stores. 

For longest life, store bows flat, with loops up, or hanging on a bow holder. Stacking bows or storing them upside down may flatten loops or cause early wear and tear. That being said, please enjoy your bows and let your girls have fun with them! My girls often leave theirs in a pile or on the floor 🙈 and they have still lasted for years with some only needing a minor trim. 

Earring care: Some hardware can be more prone to tarnishing. To prevent this, you can store with tarnish prevention strips or in a jewelry box designed for this purpose. Note that tannins in the leather can promote tarnishing as well . Simply polishing with a cloth made for silver or similar items should easily take care of any tarnishing. Titanium and niobium hardware are very resistant to tarnishing and are very hypoallergenic. Please choose this hardware  if you have extra sensitive ears, like me 😊

Don't hesitate to send a message or email with any questions regarding the care of your items.