Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade 10 Inch Bamboo Velour Heavy Pad with Fleece back

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This 10" Heavy Pad features a hand dyed Bamboo Velour top. The pad is backed with Water Resistant Windpro Fleece and features an absorbent core made of Bamboo Fleece.

All  pads and pantyliners have tab style wings and are fastened with a quality poly-resin snap.

10" Heavy Pads are perfect for:

~ Moderate to Heavy Flow

This 10" Heavy Pad is ready to ship in our Wide Width.

Pads are sold as assorted prints/colors. We will choose a surprise color/print for you. If you would like to list a few favorite choices or colors in the comments of your order, we will try to send one of your selections, as inventory allows.